Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxer Dog Mosaic Portrait

Here are some work in progress pictures of my latest commissioned project. The 16x20 portrait was made to replicate a photo of a boxer named "Rocky". This mosaic was so much fun to work on. It was created using stained glass on MDF.

How could anyone not love this face? "Rocky" really came to life in this piece against a sky blue background.

I hope to have the opportunity to do more mosaic portraits in the future. I really enjoyed working from a photograph and translating it into glass.

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Ann W said...

Hello, I loved seeing this picture of the boxer dog.

Last year, a friend and colleague was dying of cancer, and a mutual friend suggested a mosaic picture of his beloved boxer.

Time was short, so I googled images of boxers (the mosaic was a surprise so couldn't go take a pic of his dog) and found several including yours -- so it became my inspiration for the smalti pic of his dog, which he treasured throughout his dying days. I don't show it on my (in progress) website since I think it is too close to your design and not original, but I wanted you to know how much your work has been appreciated. Best, Ann Watters